Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics provide routine preventative care and sick care for children and adolescents. In addition, as pediatric specialists, we provide specialty care for a number of different conditions. Included is a list of many services provided; however, the list is not inclusive so if you have questions about whether you pediatrician cares for a certain problem, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Urgent Care

Newborn CareFrom the first moments with your new baby comes an unparalleled feeling of love and joy coupled with a great sense of responsibility.

Acne CareAcne will plague the life of most adolescents to some degree. It should be taken very seriously as a potentially scarring and chronically disfiguring ailment.

Adolescent CareAdolescence is a challenging time that brings unique health issues to bear in the developing young person.

Adolescent Menstrual ProblemsAdolescent girls generally start menstrual periods approximately two years after the onset of breast development during puberty, generally between 12 and 14 years old.

AllergyMany parents wonder if their child’s symptoms are from allergy. Some allergy diagnoses are straightforward. If your child is repeatedly exposed to a cat and every time develops the same symptoms of hives, itchy eyes and nose, and a cough – the association of allergy is fairly clear.

AnxietyMany youth suffer in life with deep dread. Incessant worry and fretting about impending doom can commandeer the mind, life and functioning of youth.

AsthmaAsthma is a chronic lung condition that can present in a variety of ways. Some children have recurring labored breathing. Others present with chronic cough. Some children mainly exhibit exercise symptoms with shortness of breath, chest discomfort, wheezing, and cough.

Behavior ProblemsTantrums, aggression, defiance, passive reluctance, opposition, mess making, destruction, under performance, chaos, disruption, or bad attitude.

Bowel / Bladder and Elimination ProblemsGetting the urine and stool in the toilet without pain and on a normal schedule can be a major challenge. Adult bowel and bladder function is generally effortless and many parents expect children to adapt to this normal life process with relative ease.

Children with Special Health Care NeedsComing soon.

Chronic Abdominal PainChronic abdominal pain affects an estimated 10 to 15 percent of children and adolescents at some point during their growing life.

Chronic CoughCough is a normal large airway and lung protective mechanism, and most people will cough intermittently to clear secretions from their airway and frequently during viral respiratory illnesses.

Chronic FatigueComing soon.

Chronic HeadachesOccasional headaches afflict virtually everyone at some time. Chronic recurring headaches will affect about 10 percent of children at some point in their growing years.

ConcussionConcussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is very common among youth. The leading cause of traumatic brain injury is falls, motor vehicle accidents and bicycle crashes.

DepressionDepression will affect approximately 5 to 10 percent of youth. Children and adolescents may gradually slide into a state of depression which often delays detection by parents.

Dermatology / RashesSkin conditions range from short-lived rashes caused by viruses to indicators of underlying skeletal deformity or neurologic abnormality to signaling life threatening illness.

Development DelayThe Canyon View Pediatrician’s joy is to monitor children’s development and help parents understand, appreciate and facilitate their child’s maturation.

Family Wellness and NutritionRaising children to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise can be tricky. It can be a source of anxiety or conflict in some families.

Fracture CareBone fractures come in varying severity. Some fractures need minimal care to heal, others require reduction to align the bones, others need surgical intervention, and a few are immediate emergencies to prevent damage to nerves, vessels, or even severe bleeding.

Growth ProblemsGrowth disturbance in childhood and adolescence can be a harbinger of serious problems. Some disease processes such as celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, growth hormone deficiency, etc. can present with disorders of height velocity or adequate weight gain.

InfectionsWe live on a spherical petri dish. Each of us is surrounded by microorganisms, some friendly and some desiring to use us a host for colonization and expansion of their species.

Laceration RepairThe Pediatric specialists at Canyon View Pediatrics have all done extensive training in the repair of lacerations.

Musculoskeletal PainVirtually everyone’s body will complain from time to time with aches and pains. Growing pains are very common in children. These are recurring lower extremity pains, generally in the evening.

School UnderachievementIt is very frustrating when youth don’t achieve to their potential in school. Nobody can control the inner workings of a child’s mind to make them learn.

Sleep DisordersRestful sleep is an essential component of health for human beings. The brain must sleep to function properly and the body must rejuvenate in sleep to stay healthy.

Sports MedicineSports medicine is a very broad discipline involving sports related injuries, acute and chronic pain with sport participation, sport psychology, optimizing performance, and non-musculoskeletal ailments contracted while playing sports such as rashes, nail problems, etc.