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New Provider Sarah Tang, MD
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5/2/21 - You will not find a better pediatrician than Dr. McVey, especially for special needs (autism, ADHD, sleep disorders etc.) He is so kind and takes time to listen and goes above and beyond to check in afterwards. His bedside manner is impeccable. He is very knowledgeable. We just love him so much and will not go to anyone else. He has helped us immensely. I don’t know where we would be without him. Hands down the best!!!
8/7/20 - Dr. Bennett has seen our family through multiple health challenges, including a child with multiple food allergies and one with type 1 diabetes. I ALWAYS appreciate how thorough he is and how kind. He knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to tell me when he disagrees, but also, he listens to me when I don’t agree with him. I feel safe knowing he’s my kids’ doctor.
3/11/20 - I liked that as a new patient I could get my daughter in quickly to address my concerns with her breathing. I felt that Dr. Bennett was good at explaining what he felt was going on based on my description of the problem.
3/9/20 - We have come to this practice with Dr. Paxton for many years and are always happy with the care he gives. Whether it’s for a newborn in the hospital or a 13 year old boy!
3/4/20 - Dr. Bennett is extremely thorough and kid- and parent-friendly. Every question I’ve ever had is answered during the exam. My questions are answered based on sound medical practice and with the best interests of my child’s total health in mind.

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