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David Bush, MD

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Patrick McVey, MD

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Richard Paxton, MD

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John Bennett, MD

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5/23/18 – “Dr. Bennett is the best doctor I have ever been to, and I trust him implicitly with my kids. I am so thankful to have found him.”
6/4/18 – “I love the friendliness of the staff, their understanding and their kindness to people like us who are so new motherhood and all. Great customer service and their discounts help a ton! Yay for discounts!”
6/1/18 – “Staff is always friendly! We love Dr. McVey! He is nice to our little girl and always makes us feel like our concerns matter even if we are just being crazy first time parents!”
5/31/18 – “Dr. Bennett went above and beyond in helping us. He scheduled our appointment after hours to make sure he was able to see my daughter and spent as much time as needed, even though it meant he stayed much later than he normally would.”
6/4/18 – “Dr. McVey and his nurse were amazing as always. I was a drop in and I was freaking out a bit on behalf of my daughter and they were both so kind and helpful and took me right in…”

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Our purpose as Canyon View Pediatricians is to join our medical skills with your parenting skills to help you raise healthy, happy children.

Why Canyon View Pediatrics?

Trusted pediatricians helping you raise healthy, happy children
The very best doctor is the kind you rarely need to see. At Canyon View Pediatrics we focus on prevention. We work hard to help you avoid problems, or detect them early to prevent them from becoming more serious. When problems arise, we have the expertise to help your child heal and get back on track.

Highly qualified medical doctors providing the best care at every visit

We have only the very best board-certified pediatricians. All of our doctors have graduated from excellent medical schools within the United States, and completed residency training at Primary Children’s Hospital, Naval or Air Force Base Hospitals.

(Dr. McVey did his residency at Naval Medical Center San Diego
Dr. Bush did his residency at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Dayton Children’s Hospital)

Education, not medicalization

Our focus is on education. Knowing that most childhood illnesses will go away on their own, we can help you to know when you need us and when you don’t. This will help you feel more secure in taking care of many illnesses at home.

Certainly there are times when medication, close follow-up, imaging, and even medical procedures are needed. We will guide you through those times with our care and expertise. Rest assured — the care we provide is evidence-based, cost-effective, and education focused.

We order testing only when needed and we try to protect children from unnecessary tests and procedures. We don’t want patients or parents to feel dependent on the doctor for every little health issue that arises.

In-Office lab, X-ray, and ultrasound for greater convenience and faster results

We have an in-house lab, X-ray, and ultrasound to help us properly diagnose quickly and efficiently. We hope you will not often require these services, but when they are needed these tools are at our fingertips so we won’t have to send you to the hospital.

After hours and weekend appointments

Our Pediatricians work hard to serve you after hours and Saturdays. For sick visits, we are committed to offering you an appointment on the same day you call. You can feel secure knowing we’ll be there for you when you need us most.