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Chronic Headaches


Occasional headaches afflict virtually everyone at some time. Chronic recurring headaches will affect about 10 % of children at some point in their growing years. Headaches can be a nuisance or severely debilitating. Some chronic pain represents underlying emotional turmoil or persistent life stress. Parent’s greatest worry is that headaches are caused from brain tumor or other serious pathology; although this is rare, it is certainly our first job to rule out that your child’s pain is caused from an underlying disease process.

Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics have been well trained in dealing with chronic headaches. We understand not only the physical processes that can cause pain but also look for related or consequent factors to chronic pain such as sleep disruption, emotional or social problems, school disruption, as well as other contributing physical ailments such allergy, vision problems, thyroid disease, celiac disease, rheumatologic conditions, etc.