Growth Problems


Growth disturbance in childhood and adolescence can be a harbinger of serious problems. Some disease processes such as celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, growth hormone deficiency, etc. can present with disorders of height velocity or adequate weight gain.

Detecting growth abnormalities requires accurate and routine measurements at well care and other visits. Parents are not likely to pick up on growth abnormalities by casual observation until the problem becomes severe. Unfortunately once growth delay has progressed too far it can cause permanent stunting or irreversible permanent decrease of height potential.

Following accurate height and weight measurements is one of the most important elements of routine well care. Our offices and staff and computer systems are designed to accurately measure and track your child’s growth. Pediatricians at Canyon View Medical Group are trained to track and manage many illnesses that can cause growth problems. We also know the subspecialists than may be needed to deal with more complicated problems.
Please have your child and adolescent follow the recommended well visit schedule to detect growth problem and the illnesses they may harbor to avoid detrimental complications.

If you or a family member have symptoms of growth problems please schedule an appointment to discuss diagnosis and treatment options.