Fracture Care


Bone fractures come in varying severity. Some fractures need minimal care to heal, others require reduction to align the bones, others need surgical intervention, and a few are immediate emergencies to prevent damage to nerves, vessels, or even severe bleeding. The challenge for the parent is to determine if there is a fracture, how severe it might be, and where it is best treated.

If your child or adolescent has suffered trauma that causes concern of a possible broken bone, pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics can help. The great majority of fractures can be handled by the pediatricians in our office utilizing our on-site x-ray diagnostic services. We are happy to evaluate possible fractures on an urgent basis. If the fracture needs subspecialty care we will arrange this for you.

Your child should be seen in the emergency room immediately if he or she has sustained high intensity trauma such as a motor vehicle accident resulting in multiple injuries, altered mental status, or an obvious fracture with bone penetrating the skin.

If you or a family member have fracture symptoms please schedule an appointment to discuss diagnosis and treatment options.