Development Delay


The Canyon View Pediatrician’s joy is to monitor children’s development and help parents understand, appreciate and facilitate their child’s maturation. About one in six children will experience some type of delay in development. Many of these delays will correct readily with some assistance. Without recognition some delays can deepen to more difficult problems. Occasionally delays indicate a more serious underlying neurologic or genetic abnormality. The challenge is to detect problems early and provide the necessary stimulation to help the child advance.

Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics provide scheduled well visits with screening tools and medical evaluation to detect development delays. Much of our dedicated training involves understanding the normal and abnormal maturation process through childhood and adolescence. Consistent evaluation on the health supervision schedule is very important to provide early detection of developmental and other medical problems.

Some developmental delay indicates more serious neurological or medical conditions that require more extensive evaluation, therapy and monitoring. Our pediatricians work closely with neurologists, geneticist and other medical specialists to investigate a medical diagnosis for development delay when indicated. We know many effective strategies and excellent therapy resources to help improve development, and we will monitor your child’s progress with you.

If you or a family member have symptoms of delayed development please schedule an appointment to discuss diagnosis and treatment options.