Behavior Problems


Tantrums, aggression, defiance, passive reluctance, opposition, mess making, destruction, under performance, chaos, disruption, or bad attitude. What child doesn’t experience some of these while growing up and why was there no remote control presented at the delivery? Every parent struggles with helping their child be what they can be and act as they should.

Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics help with these problems at routine Well Care Visits and during consultation evaluations for behavior problems. Most solutions reside in understanding your child and their temperament, working on attachment and structure, improving communication, satisfying emotional needs and providing guidance. Some behavior problems indicate medical diseases such as anemia, celiac disease, thyroid disease, sleep disorders, allergies, etc. Other behavior issues represent mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, social development disorders, etc.

Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics are uniquely trained to evaluate behavior problems in their complexity to help you recognize the solution in its simplicity. We can offer many strategies to improve the situation, and we work closely with psychologists, therapist and other professionals to provide the services your child will need. Our pediatricians can also help when medical therapies or medications are needed in conjunction with other modalities.

If you or a family member have behavior problems please schedule an appointment to discuss diagnosis and treatment options.