Acne Care


Acne will plague the life of most adolescents to some degree. It should be taken very seriously as a potentially scarring and chronically disfiguring ailment.

Acne care is part of the day-to-day practice of pediatricians at Canyon View Medical Group as we work hard to educate preadolescents, adolescents, and their parents about the perils of this problem. The only cure for acne is a medicine called Accutane and because of potential side effects, it is reserved for patients with severe scarring or acne not responding to conventional medical treatment. All other medicine regimens can manage acne and decrease the risk of scarring. Pediatricians at Canyon View Medical Group can confidently help you with these medicines.

It is crucial to realize that acne medicines must be used with the highest level of compliance. These medicines are preventative and will not be effective if used to spot treat acne breakouts. It is also important to recognize that every patient will respond to acne medication differently. All patients treated with acne medicine need to follow up with their doctor at the requested intervals.

If patients use their medicine consistently as prescribed and follow up for medication adjustment, virtually all patients’ acne can be managed with routine medications.

If you or a family member have symptoms of acne please schedule an appointment to discuss diagnosis and treatment options.