On-Site Lab & Xray

Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics utilize state of the art lab, xray and ultrasound services at their fingertips.

Why does this matter?

Every illness has a list of possible causes. Sometimes the diagnosis is straightforward; sometimes more complex. Our pediatricians avoid unnecessary testing, however, if we need technology to eliminate serious disease entities or solidify the diagnosis, we want those results fast to give you the care you need immediately.

In pediatric practice some decisions are empirical, that is to say making a diagnosis based upon the most plausible cause for a certain symptom complex relying upon history, physical exam and clinical experience and not scientific proof with laboratory or radiographic evidence. An empiric diagnosis is reasonable when there is sufficient reserve for changing course should the diagnosis need further evaluation. If your child is very ill or has a chronic unremittent condition then lab, xray, or ultrasound may be necessary to ascertain a diagnosis quickly.

No one likes to be inconvenienced or have their time wasted. Let’s say your child has a high fever and looks ill. Rather that visit the doctor’s office, then drive 20 minutes to the hospital, wait for lab and x-ray services, then drive home and wait for the results, we can perform most tests in the office and give you the results within minutes so you can have a diagnosis and effective treatment plan and be on your way home.

If your child has a musculoskeletal problem, X-ray capability may be essential to provide proper care.

For example, to care for a bone injury that may be a fracture, an x-ray will be essential to the diagnostic evaluation. X-rays may also be necessary for musculoskeletal pain or sports medicine conditions.

Making a correct diagnosis using lab, x-ray or ultrasound when needed means you avoid wasting time and money on incorrect treatments which incur risk of side effects and prolonged discomfort. For example, let’s say your child has prolonged runny nose, cough and feels miserable. A doctor might reasonably start with an empiric diagnosis of sinus infection but if the child is not improving, you need to know the correct diagnosis with the help of an x-ray rather than just adding another antibiotic.

At Canyon View Pediatrics you’ll get the answer without hassle so you can do the right thing to get better fast.