(COVID-19) coronavirus

Update 5/18/20

With the state’s move from orange to yellow alert level, we want to reaffirm that we will continue following policies to keep our facilities safe places to receive care:

  1. We are screening everyone at the door, including our employees, for symptoms, including a temperature check. If you have any COVID symptoms we will ask you to return to your vehicle and provide care in your vehicle.
  2. We are all wearing masks and will ask you to wear a mask as well. If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you.
  3. We ask that you limit guests that come with you.

We will continue these protocols, as directed by our public health officials, until it is deemed safe to return to “normal”. Thank you for your patience.

Update 4/3/20

There are now 3 ways to see your provider.


We have implemented protocols to make sure our patients can receive the care they need while remaining safe from infection.

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Update 4/1/20

During this time of concerns related to COVID-19 we want to reassure all of our patients that we will be here to take care of your medical needs, whether they are related to concerns about coronavirus, ongoing chronic care management, well care, or urgent care. We have implemented protocols to make sure our patients can receive the care they need while at the same time remaining safe from infection.

We are doing this by screening all persons entering our facilities to make sure they don’t have any indications of COVID-19. If they do, we ask them to remain in their vehicles where we can assess their concerns and keep them isolated from others. This allows us to keep our facilities clean and safe for everyone to receive care.

We also offer virtual appointments via video so you can receive care from the comfort and safety of your home. There will always be a need for some visits to be done at our office, such as visits requiring physical examination or treatment, laboratory testing, or imaging. But many services can also be rendered via video such as:

  • Medication management/prescription renewal
  • Minor urgent care
  • pink eye, fevers, sinuses, etc.
  • Birth control counseling
  • Chronic condition management
  • Behavioral health
  • Post-hospital discharge, transition of care
  • Medicare wellness visit
  • And more

Ask your provider if a virtual visit would be appropriate for your condition. If not, we are still open to take care of your healthcare needs in person. We are here to care for our community.

The providers and staff of Canyon View Medical Group

Update 3/15/20

Dear Parents of Patients at Canyon View Pediatrics,

Our goal as Pediatricians has always been to keep you Home, Healthy, and Happy, and only to have you come in the office when necessary for preventive care or significant illness. COVID-19 is stealing much happiness from our population, but fortunately for our youth, this virus is proving to mainly be a health risk for older adults and those with chronic illness. We are confident that we have provided care over the years that has taught you how to care for common viral infections at home. Most youth who contract COVID-19 will have symptoms of a mild viral illness such as cough and fever.

We are temporarily changing how we care for you to avoid any risk of spreading this virus by doing the following:

  1. We ask that all patients with any signs or symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, cough, congestion) or gastrointestinal infection (vomiting or diarrhea) call Canyon View Pediatrics BEFORE coming to the facility so we can keep this a safe environment for non-infectious medical care such as well child checks, injuries, medication management, headaches, behavioral health, etc.
  2. We will triage all concerns about infections over the phone and, if appropriate, give treatment advice.
  3. If we feel that symptoms necessitate a physician hands on examination, we will have you drive down to the clinic and we will come out to your car to do an evaluation.
    We will maintain our usual practice for well visits, physicals, development and behavior problems, mental health evaluations and follow up visits, injuries, sports medicine problems, dermatologic issues, chronic headaches, abdominal pain, etc, etc. If your child has a scheduled appointment for a non-infectious concern, and develops signs of infection before the appointment, please call so we can discuss appropriate care. We may ask you to reschedule.

Because of our practice philosophy of providing good preventive care and not asking our patients to come to the clinic for minor illness that can be handled at home, we believe that COVID-19 will cause minimal disruption to the lives of our pediatric patients and the practice at Canyon View Pediatrics.


Patrick McVey, MD
Rich Paxton, MD
John Bennett, MD
David Bush, MD