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Category: Newborn Care


Scientists have discovered mirror neurons. These are nerves that activate in response to the actions and emotions of other people. Mirror neurons play an integral part in the attachment of human beings. The parent infant dyad is one of shared emotions. When babies smile parents

Newborn Skin Care

Newborns come packaged in a thick protective skin lubricant called vernix caseosa. This thick “cheese sauce” protects and hydrates the skin and also has antibacterial properties. Vernix is not so appealing looking or feeling, especially covered in birth secretions, so it is quickly wiped away

Intestinal Obstruction In Newborns

Having a new baby is a joyful yet stressful experience. Your great love for your new child will drive you to do everything possible to keep your precious cargo safe. In this month’s blog series I have attempted to explain the most important things you

Understanding Sepsis

A newborn baby is the greatest miracle of life. There is nothing more incredible and supernal than the creation of a new human being. Newborns enter a world of many dangers and their small bodies are as yet unproven in competency to deal with many

Must Know Information Before Having A Baby – Breastfeeding

This month I’ll discuss four health topics that are crucial for the optimal care of your newborn baby. These topics are successful breastfeeding, preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), how to identify signs of serious infection, and recognizing bowel obstruction in newborns. BREASTFEEDING Breastfeeding may