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Category: Child Development

Staying Active During The Winter

It is an unfortunate truth that as temperatures drop so does our physical activity level. This can go double for children and finding ways for all of us to get the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily can take a little imagination

Real Conversation – There’s No App For That

Think about the last time you had a really good talk with someone. Maybe it was over lunch, or in the car, or over the phone. Or maybe, ideally, the conversation took place in a living room or other comfortable space, without time pressures or

Child Development

One thing all of us parents worry about is if our child is going to grow up healthy and develop normally. Starting from the first moment you find out you are having a baby you hope and pray that pregnancy goes well and nothing unexpected

Never Too Young to Read

When parents come in with their young infants, I at some point ask if they are reading with their baby. Often times I get confused looks, “You mean I should be reading with them already?” It’s true that your 2 week old infant won’t really