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Category: Behavior

Real Conversation – There’s No App For That

Think about the last time you had a really good talk with someone. Maybe it was over lunch, or in the car, or over the phone. Or maybe, ideally, the conversation took place in a living room or other comfortable space, without time pressures or

Parent Child Relationships 5 of 5 – Parenting Styles

This is the last of five blog posts about the parent-child interaction of a girl accomplishing a rope course. Please see the other four blogs. This last blog discusses in more detail elements of parenting style and attachment that influence successful behavior management. In the

Parent Child Relationships 1 of 5 – The Rope Course

I observed them from a distance. Holding hands with her parents, a delightful girl, about nine years old, approached the rope obstacle course with excitement. The attendant instructed her about the course, helped her put on the harness and secured it to the safety line

The Power of Sleep

Considering how important sleep is to our proper functioning as human beings it is interesting how easy it is for our sleep cycles to be disrupted, either by circumstances outside our control or more commonly by our own choices. While some view sleep as a