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Common Pediatric Myths

One of my favorite TV shows from the last few years is Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel. For some strange reason, watching Adam and Jamie prove things to be false that everyone just knew were true  kept me tuning in each episode. So, in

Is It Just Dry Skin?

Have you ever looked at your child’s skin and wondered if the dry redness you were looking at was eczema or just dry skin? While dry skin may be irritating to your child and yet simple to manage, eczema can present a different set of

The Facts About ACNE

Adolescence is a time when young people search for identity. A youth’s peer group becomes a central focus of identity fulfilment and emotional satisfaction. Teens develop a heightened awareness of themselves relative to peers and flaws can seem magnified. These cognitive and emotional changes develop

The Myth of Social Media

Last year at about this time I wrote an article entitled “Does Your Phone Have a Bedtime?” It was about the importance of monitoring and actively limiting our children’s use of smartphones. Even more has been discovered and published on this topic since then, especially

The Importance of Having a Medical Home

Growing up it seemed natural that there were one or two doctors that knew you and when you needed help that’s who you called. I’m not sure if I felt this way because I watched too many TV shows about small town doctors or the