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Archive: November 2016


Scientists have discovered mirror neurons. These are nerves that activate in response to the actions and emotions of other people. Mirror neurons play an integral part in the attachment of human beings. The parent infant dyad is one of shared emotions. When babies smile parents

Newborn Skin Care

Newborns come packaged in a thick protective skin lubricant called vernix caseosa. This thick “cheese sauce” protects and hydrates the skin and also has antibacterial properties. Vernix is not so appealing looking or feeling, especially covered in birth secretions, so it is quickly wiped away

Does Your Phone Have a Bedtime?

This question often elicits quizzical looks from the teenagers in my clinic. I have started to ask about this and many other screen related issues, as families are greatly affected by the current trends in the use (and misuse) of media. Clearly there are many