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Archive: January 2016

Secondary Bacterial Infections – Pneumonia

By Jennifer Menon, MD In an earlier post, I discussed care and management of cold symptoms, ear infections, and sinus infections. Now I will focus on the least common secondary bacterial infection seen with colds: bacterial pneumonia. What I will be discussing is a different

Secondary Bacterial Infections – Sinus Infections

By Jennifer Menon, MD While ear infections are the most common complication of colds and can occur in up to 30% of children, bacterial sinus infections are only seen in up to 7% of children with colds. Children with sinus infections will have persistent runny

Secondary Bacterial Infections – Ear Infections

  by Jennifer Menon, MD In my first blog post, I discussed what the common cold was and how it’s usually managed. I also described the normal course for these viral infections. In this next series, I will address what physicians call a “secondary bacterial